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Stressful Situations

Feeling stressed is a physiological storm that runs through your body when you face anything unpleasant, perplexing, or uncertain. It could be waiting for an interview with the head, meeting some parents with a complaint, or facing 'Gary' in year 10, who always tries to annoy you in front of his friends. What are your stressful situations at school? When do they start?

Physical Symptoms
Long ago, if confronted by a T Rex, your
body would have given you the energy needed to either fight it or run away, speeding up your heart rate, rushing blood to your vital organs, and pumping adrenaline. Hopefully, Gary is not a T Rex! Even so, when you are in a stressful situation you may experience many of these physical symptoms and more.

What do you do? Tell a friend/colleague? Have some more comfort food at break time? Think of your last summer holiday? Imagine where you will be at the weekend? Promise yourself a stiff drink when you get home? Check the attendance registers to see if Gary is in school today?
If you look at the emotions running through your body, and listen to what they are telling you, you will be on course to start feeling better.

Why can't I just be happy in my work! I don't want all these negative emotions.

This thinking needs to be challenged. We all need to understand that that there have to be times when we do not feel good. The emotions we feel at such times are not negative, they are necessary! Don't feel down if you feel down, admit you're human! All emotions are positive when you allow them to flow and listen to their message!
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