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                   Stress in Teaching

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Selection of Contents 

What is stress
Anxiety-a few simple facts
Who suffers from anxiety
Anxious thinking CHART 6
The Many Ways We Make Things Difficult for Ourselves
The poison tree
Interpretation, or 'mind readers we are not'
Black and white thinking
Over generalising
Mind reading
Fortune telling
Emotional reasoning
Low self-esteem
Fear of being uncomfortable
From perfectionism to excellence, with failures along the way
Perfectionism chart
Anger: who's in control?
Moving to realistic thinking chart
Example of an anger cycle
Some beliefs that can cause anger
Your self esteem is threatened
I can't do anything to make me feel better
I can't help what I am, it's because of my past
How to Start the Process of Change
The Kit Kat Rules
Changing anger-producing thoughts
Manage your anger chart
Toolkit: act against hostility
The FIVE STEPS of feelings and behaviour: Terry versus Thelma
Overcoming obstacles: Avoidance and Commitment
Avoidance and Commitment
Self direction
Setting boundaries
You can only solve a problem BY SOLVING IT!
Q and A or keep on breathing
Stress: tips for management


This book has helped in so many ways I can't begin to explain it
Beverley, teacher Cleveland Ohio

I bought this book for my wife and it has changed everything for her
John, husband of teacher Bristol UK

What a brilliant concept!
David Cameron PM (At Downing Street on 5 December 2011)

Used extensively by my staff! They love it!
Chris Phillips, Headteacher Cornwall

I particularly like the section called 'The Kit Kat rules': makes evrything so simple!
Emma, teacher Sunderland

My friend gave me this, I keep it handy when I need some inspiration! It has had a real impact on me and on my teaching.
Harry, deputy head, Toronto

This is full of practical ideas that I have used in real situations. I think it should be in every staffroom.
Phil, teacher Durham

This book has made a real difference to me. I was so happy to find it!
Amy, teacherMelbourne
Thank you, thank you: I think this has saved my life!
Bob, teacher Peterborough
I appreciate that the book goes far beyond thinking such as 'do some breathing exercises to help you to relax'! Some fantastic practical advice that reallly works
Louise, teacher Wakefield


The only way to solve a problem: solve it!

Stress-Buster 1: the Book

Stress-Buster 2: CPD, Workshops, Coaching


  • "There are few people I encounter who can knock my socks right off, and Chris is one of them! He is a true inspiration."
    Peter Scott
    CEO, Dorset Chamber of Trade and Commerce
  • "Best of luck with Stress in Teaching: I know it will be a boon for teachers!"
    Lord Layard
  • "Thanks for this it has been a life-saver!"

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